DIY Candle sticks

So I wanted to get some candle sticks for my dining room and really didn’t see anything I liked, plus I wanted to do it on a budget, so here is what I did!

Went to Michaels and in their wood working section you find a bunch bins that contain all kinds of wood working bobbles and plates.  You can essentially build your own look and height!   Got all my supplies to make 4 candle sticks for around $16!  A bargain!

Once I decided on my configurations I glued them together with Elmer’s wood glue, let dry, then sanded where necessary.

I painted a first coat of blue, then a top coat of white for a distressing affect.

I think they came out great, and you can use them to display other objects as well!

However I am ready to give them a new color!

DIY Candle sticks



17 thoughts on “DIY Candle sticks

  1. Elizabeth hinden says:

    So innovative! Will definitely try and use for the pumpkins this fall like you did thanks keep them coming!!


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