DIY Poster Art

Ok so I’ve had this great Italy map for about 7 years now and it was framed in just an alright frame so I decided to give it a refresh – the best thing is this all cost (art included) under $10!!!!  Hello right up my alley 🙂

Lets start with the art – its actually gift wrap, yup I said it,  gift wrap!  Its from on of my favorite places on earth, paper source!  They have a great selection of wrap that can be used as art – here is the link to the Italy map $3.95

poster 7


Next I went to home depot and got some thin 2″ board and cut them down to 4 individual pieces the each were 1/4 larger than the actual width of my art.  I then stained the wood with left over stain that I already had, a deep walnut, just one coat was all I was looking for.  I bought 2 pieces of wood for $2.09 each.

poster 3


Once dried I flipped the wood over and taped my art down with white duck tape (it was all I had).  I taped from the back side of the poster.  I did this same step again for the bottom of the poster.

poster 4


I then took another piece of wood and screwed them together – I did this same step again for the bottom of the poster.

poster 6


I purchased these eye screws from Home depot, they were in gold so I sprayed them black.   They were $1.98 for a pack of 4.  I then screwed 2 in at the top front of the poster.

poster 2

poster 5


I added some twin that I already had and viola!  Refreshed wall art for under $10.00 – I am already scoping out my next “gift wrap” purchase from Paper Source so I can do this project again for one of the kids rooms or the play room – simple, easy and cheap!

Poster 1



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