Hi! Welcome to Towne and Main, a destination for anything DIY and craft projects.  I’m Jenn and my family and I live in the Boston area.  By day I have a full time career in home décor product development and by night and weekends a full time mommy to two amazing babies – Massimo and Sofia! Wife to an amazing and adoring husband, Clay who lets me do all my crazy projects!   I started this blog because so many friends and family urged me to, so here I am, new to blogging but excited to share!

In my spare time I manage to squeeze in crafting and DIY projects.  There isn’t a moment I let go by with out using it to create, because I simply enjoy making stuff and decorating our home.  With 2 babies under 5, working full time and running a home, it its hard to juggle it all but I find a way to incorporate what I love into my family and home and it somehow works out… Granted I don’t sleep much!

2 years ago we bought our first home, which was a fixer upper but had lots of character and charm.   I have had so much fun decorating and finding ways to design on a budget its a true hobby for me!  We are actually looking to move to a coastal community next year and I look forward to making house #2 a home for my family.  For now we are enjoying the home we’ve made!

I would say my style is chic farmhouse with a whole LOT of coastal thrown in! I like to rescue old pieces and bring them back to life, create my own art and décor.  I also love to plan parties and create fun spaces for my babies.  I am for sure a bargainista in every way- I love finds, the thrill of the hunt and good bargains!

I hope you find something here that inspires you to decorate and create!

family shot

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