Hi! I’m Jenn and welcome to Towne and Main, a destination for anything decorating and all things DIY.  My family and I live in the north shore area of Boston and by day I have a full-time career in home décor product development and by night and weekends a mama to two amazing kiddos!  Wife to an amazing and adoring husband, who lets me do all my crazy projects!   I started this blog because so many of my friends and family urged me to, so here I am, new to blogging but excited to share!

In my spare time I manage to squeeze in crafting, DIY projects, furniture painting and anything related to home decorating <my true passion>  There isn’t a moment I let go by without using it to create something, anything, because I simply enjoy making stuff and decorating our home.  With 2 kids under 8, working full-time and running a home, it its hard to juggle it all but I find a way to incorporate what I love into my family and home and it somehow works out… Granted I don’t sleep much!

I would say my style is modern farmhouse with a whole LOT of coastal thrown in! Moana is big in my house right now and I like to say the ocean it calls me!!!   I like to rescue old pieces and breathe new life back into them, create my own art and décor.  I also love to plan parties and create fun spaces for my kids.  I am for sure a bargainista in every sense of the word!  I absolutely love the hunt, the find, and the turnout!

In 2012 we sold our condo and bought our first home, which was a fixer upper in every sense of the word, BUT it had all that old school charm that I just loved,  I fell head over heals…   I love old vs. new construction so this was a dream.  I had so much fun rehabbing and finding ways to design on a budget its a true hobby for me!  In 2015, we decided our location was way too rural for us and the moana in me was calling, we finally found our forever home in our preferred community, on the coast, north of Boston and I’ve been making it our home ever since!

Being a fulltime working parent, I haven’t dedicated the time I wanted to pursuing my passion, especially this  blogging thing, its all so new, and time consuming phew!  So my page is a little lacking, sorry!  I’m refocusing myself for 2017 and will put some time aside to pursue this and stay updated on my page with projects and ideas.  I am more active on Facebook and Pinterest so please follow me there!  Come share with me your design ideas and tips – I’d love to hear them!

I do hope you find something here that inspires you to decorate and create!

https://www.facebook.com/townemain/ lets share ideas together!

Follow me on Pinterest –  http://www.pinterest.com/towneandmain

contact me – towneandmain@yahoo.com

NEW – you can now shop me at Etsy     https://www.etsy.com/shop/towneandmain

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