DIY Hidding the Kitty Litter Box

Ok so I love my cat dearly but I couldn’t take the litter box being exposed in the kitchen any longer! Not only was it an eye sore it just seemed yucky, you know what I mean?  I searched online high and low for something to hide it in but they were all ugly options and really didn’t go with my décor…..

So I decided to transform my little buffet table into a place to hide the litter box and I think its been a great solution!

Here is what I did:

  • Found some inexpensive fabric from Joanns
  • Measured it accordingly and created seams using Stitch witchery  – – this stuff is amazing!
  • Once the fabric was ready all I did was use a staple gun and staple it to the under side of the buffet table creating a curtain effect.
  • Inserted some shelf liner and box along with extra litter keeping it all out of site

I think it came out great and since then I have updated the color as well!

DIY hiding litter

Since then I have updated the overall color scheme of the buffet table.


update to litter  


9 thoughts on “DIY Hidding the Kitty Litter Box

  1. bobbi a. chukran says:

    Love this idea. I’m trying to find a place to stash my very large litter box (five cats), too. All of the enclosed boxes/spaces won’t work since my cats would never crawl into a little dark place. Hiding it away under a skirted table in the laundry is going to work well, I think. Thanks!


  2. Jessie says:

    Love this! Including a link to this in my blog post about tips for keeping litter box woes at bay!! Great idea that looks totally doable for even those of us who aren’t super crafty!!


    • jayfo1 says:

      Thanks Mia yes we moved his food and he was not pleased at all- we gave it a few good months then moved is food back. He began peeing in the mudroom! Once we moved food back it stopped…


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