DIY Candle sticks

So I wanted to get some candle sticks for my dining room and really didn’t see anything I liked, plus I wanted to do it on a budget, so here is what I did!

Went to Michaels and in their wood working section you find a bunch bins that contain all kinds of wood working bobbles and plates.  You can essentially build your own look and height!   Got all my supplies to make 4 candle sticks for around $16!  A bargain!

Once I decided on my configurations I glued them together with Elmer’s wood glue, let dry, then sanded where necessary.

I painted a first coat of blue, then a top coat of white for a distressing affect.

I think they came out great, and you can use them to display other objects as well!

However I am ready to give them a new color!

DIY Candle sticks


9 thoughts on “DIY Candle sticks

    • jayfo1 says:

      Hi April sorry I don’t know the exact name of these pieces but I found them at Micheals craft store, in the wood section, they had bins of different shapes and sizes to select from. not sure if they carry this any longer…


  1. Elizabeth hinden says:

    So innovative! Will definitely try and use for the pumpkins this fall like you did thanks keep them coming!!


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